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Start Start - Studentenwohnheime in Lettland

Dormitory PRIMA - in Riga
"Students who during their studies at the University of Latvia would like to live in the university’s dormitory should note it in their application form.

If you do not wish to stay at a dormitory, it is advisable to make the private housing arrangements beforehand.

Dormitory PRIMA is located in Riga, Reznas street. Reznas street is close to the city centre and there is a well developed public transportation flow. It is necessary about 20 minutes to reach 19 Raina Boulevard (University's main building) as well as Old town and Central Railway station.

One of the options is to stay at the recently reconstructed 9 floor student hotel "PRIMA", there are also apartments for tenants with special needs available.

PRIMA single room 6th-8th floor/ 10-12m² size room, nice view in every room:
150 LVL per month
PRIMA Room shared with other student (double room)/ 15-17m² size room with nice view in every room 6th - 8th floor:
90 LVL per month ..."

Elizabeth Hostel
"Elizabeth's Youth Hostel is located in the very heart of Riga.
It is cosy, clean, quiet and cheap.
Continental Breakfast, hot shower, towels and linen - all at your disposal!
Free Wireless Internet is available throughout the hostel..."

We offer a number of accommodation options for all tastes
and opportunities – family rooms, dormitories and private rooms.
Our cosy rooms come with all of the comforts one can expect...

4-6 Bed Room 8 (EUR) 9 (EUR) 7 (EUR)

Riga Student Hostel (Profitcamp)
"The Riga Student Hostel, formerly known as "ProfitCamp," is a busy, very basic, hostel located in the Old Town behind the glitzy Galleria Shopping Center.

The hostel provides 150 beds in 20 rooms on six floors (no elevator). Rooms run the gamut from dorm rooms (sleeping 6-24), to private single, doubles, triples and quads, all with shared bathrooms. The hostel's entrance is through a residential courtyard, and the reception is located on the first floor..."

Dorm €7 - €11

Strelnieku iela 4a
SSE Riga is centrally located in Riga, Latvia. Students who are not from this area are encouraged to take advantage of the SSE Riga Student Residence Hall to facilitate their integration in the student community. We offer newly renovated accommodation that is safe and secure, where students can sleep and study in comfort.
Location: Patversmes iela 22, Riga, LV-1005...

Rooms available: 7 quarters on the first floor with 7 twin rooms and 7 triple rooms (reserved for Year 1 students) in total 35 residence units; 10 quarters on the second floor with 10 twin rooms and 7 triple rooms (reserved for Year 2 and Year 3 students) in total 41 resident unit...

Conveniences: Common room on each floor for studies, wireless internet, kitchen facilities to be shared among 15 students."

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